Another X-Men Movie Coming in 2016, and It Will Probably Have Apocalypse in It


Sorry, Hugh Jackman, 20th Century Fox is going to need you to stick to that just-a-shit-ton-of-chickens diet for a bit longer. The studio today revealed that, as you probably could have guessed, they are not going to suddenly stop with the making X-Men movies. Though they're still working on getting X-Men: Days of Future Past out for a May release, already they're announcing a May 27, 2016 for the follow-up, to be titled X-Men: Apocalypse.

As nerds will pick up on pretty fast, that subtitle implies that the next film's antagonist will be Apocalypse--the shapeshifting, immortal, greyish frequent villain of the X-Men who was at the center of the famed Age of Apocalypse storyline. He's also famous for having weird lips, his own tubing system, a personalized belt buckle, and the comfort in his masculinity to sometimes go for it in lavender. Here's an early meet-and-greet:



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