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David Mamet Making Seven-Episode Series for Fox


S.D.S. "S": Seven. "D:": Deadly. "S": Sins. Seven Deadly Sins. Seven Deadly Sins. The reason for this vague, sloppy reference to Baldwin's Glengarry Glen Ross speech? Because the Seven Deadly Sins are the subject of the latest project from David Mamet, and that is the sort of lazy segue one comes up with on the Friday before Christmas. Mamet is reportedly teaming with Lionsgate Television and 20th Century Fox for a seven-episode limited series in which the cardinal sins "will serve as a backdrop of a series of interconnected stories the reflect on the human condition through Mamet's distinctive lens." Despite the playwright and screenwriter's tendency for vulgarity, the series will be airing on Fox. David Mamet probably just really likes Bones.

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