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'Grand Piano' Trailer: Elijah Wood Plays Concert OF HIS LIFE (Because John Cusack Might Shoot Him)


Answering the question of how Phone Booth might have played out had Kiefer Sutherland been more of a patron of the arts, here's the trailer for Grand Piano. Already released in director Eugenio Mira's native spain, the film sees Elijah Wood as a piano prodigy haunted by stage fright--and, on the night of his attempt at a comeback performance, also haunted by John Cusack. Cusack really doesn't want Wood to fuck this up, so much so that he's taken Truffaut's advice, training a sniper rifle on Wood and threatening to shoot him and his and wife should the performance be flawed. The guy's really upped his music snobbiness since High Fidelity.

  • May 1, 2012
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