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'In Secret' Trailer: The Sexy, Murderous Affairs of Elizabeth Olsen, Oscar Isaac, and Draco Malfoy


In Charlie Stratton's feature directing debut, In Secret, an Elizabeth Olsen is being forced by Jessica Lange to marry Tom Felton. He is balding, he no interest in getting under her old-fashioney dresses, and the dude was a real twat in Harry Potter AND Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Inside Llewyn Davis star Oscar Isaac, meanwhile, is smooth, handsome, a cool painter guy, plus he recognizes that Elizabeth is almost certainly our best looking Olsen, so you know he's up for it. So begins the sexy affair between Olsen and Isaac, who want to be together legitimately but can't because of of dumb old Draco. Their solution, because they vaguely remember seeing Body Heat? KILL TOM FELTON. IN SECRET. Because murder is illegal. Here's the trailer:

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