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'Naked Gun' Getting Remade with Ed Helms


With his National Lampoon's Vacation remake/sequel still delayed indefinitely, Ed Helms has found a different comedy classic to belatedly add himself to. According to Variety, the actor has signed on to do a new, presumably less deadpan spin on Detective Frank Drebin in a needless remake of The Naked Gun. While the original was made by famed spoof icon team Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker, this update does not seem to involve the trio in any way. Paramount has reportedly handed scripting duties to the woefully prolific Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, most notable for writing Night at the Museum and, in this instance, for at least not being Friedberg and Seltzer.

It's thought that this may be a sad new first in the vast world of remakes, perhaps being the first redo of a parody. It's also thought that casting John Hamm and Shaq would have really helped in making this sound like a better idea.

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