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NBC Developing 'Wolfman' Series in Bid To Become Spookiest Network


Enlivened by the success of their Dracula not quite needing to be canceled just yet, NBC has set about returning to the world of stock Halloween costumes for another venture. Now they're reportedly working on a Wolfman show, and Dracula's head writer Daniel Knauf is developing it, though not from an original take. Instead, he'll be building off of Joe Johnson's 2010 Benicio del Toro Wolfman--the one that in the U.S. made only $62 million back on its $150 million budget, so they'll obviously have to dramatically lessen that interest-cost disparity if they hope to make this work. Thankfully, that should all work itself out the moment development reaches the point where it turns out this Wolfman time-traveled to the present to sniff out New York's toughest criminals.

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