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New 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Trailer Has Some Stuff You Haven't Seen


On the heels of the news they're going to make some Spidey spin-off films, Sony has released an international Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer with a bunch of new footage from the sequel. Look for even more of the familiar here with the reveal that our latest sophomore Spider-Man effort will also see the hero stopping out-of-control public transit and getting his identity sort-of revealed. Classic.

  • December 5, 2013
    The trailer for the new Spider-Man movie is here, and if you're looking for more of the familiar, rest assured, it all still looks just as bright and functional as every time we've seen the high-key hero swinging around before. Also as expected: the superhero sequel standard of... / Continue →
  • July 18, 2013
    Sony's got their big Amazing Spider-Man 2 presentation coming to Comic Con tomorrow, and to get everyone excited about their film's big villain--the personification of Westinghouse's deadly new alternating current electricity, which is dangerous and should never replace Edison'... / Continue →
  • June 19, 2013
    In his most Terrence Malick-like move since shooting the entirety of Denis Leary's scenes in the magic hour, Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb has reportedly completely cut Shailene Woodley from his superhero sequel. As seen above, the actress had already shot scenes as a n... / Continue →
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