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Paul Walker Dead After Fiery Weekend Car Crash


Paul Walker, Fast and Furious's stalwart white guy known around the world as friend to Vin Diesel and car alike, tragically died in Southern California over the weekend. Like a morbid scene from his famous franchise, Walker was reportedly in a Porsche Carrera GT at his time of death, which took place just after a holiday toy drive for Walker's charity, Reach Out Worldwide. The car, driven by Walker's racing team partner Roger Rodus, was driving at some speed when it apparently got out of control and crashed into a light pole in a Valencia office park, bursting into flames and killing both driver and passenger. Walker was 40.

The actor, famous also for Richard Donner's Timeline and the movie where he and Jessica Alba looked good swimming, will still be seen again in the drama Hours later this month. According to The Hollywood Reporter, production on Fast and Furious 7, which was on a Thanksgiving hiatus this weekend, will be delayed but still go on after Walker's death. Otherwise, it's letting the cars win.

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