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Roger Ebert May Get Statue Honoring Legacy, Thumb Gestures


Though Roger Ebert is gone, his physical form may yet live on to forever give a quiet, eternal thumbs up to Cop and a Half. As reported by the News-Gazette by way of THR, the city of Champaign, Illinois has begun a fundraising campaign to build a bronze statue (prototype above) of the legendary film critic to sit outside their Virginia Theatre--home of the Eberfest film festival and the cinema where a boy Ebert of neighboring Urbana, IL first began liking and hating movies. The project is said to cost around $122,500, but some of that cost will be defrayed by Ebert's wife Chaz and the Ebert Foundation, where they've vowed to match up to $25,000 in donations. Should the efforts provide excess funds, those will be donated to the Roger Ebert Film Center at the University of Illinois, Ebertfest, and the Virginia Theatre itself, so it's a pretty good donation to the film community any way you slice it. More details and information on how to contribute can be found at this site. Donate now, and perhaps you could be the first to pose beside it like you're asking him to scoot over so you can sit with your friend.

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