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Twitter, NRA Will Now Have TV Shows


Twitter and/or gun fans may soon want to turn their itchy, angry trigger fingers toward the television. From Deadline comes word that Lionsgate and Sundance are, respectively, developing series based around Twitter and the National Rifle Association.

Lionsgate's series will be based on the Nick Bilton bestseller Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal, and will focus on the real-life story of the formation of the now-massive internet company. In a release, Lionsgate's Kevin Beggs explained that "Nick's book has all the elements of a great drama with its complex characters, high-stakes power struggles and betrayed friendships," all of which sounds a lot like Social Network: The Series. But producer Allison Shearmur adds that this will be different, because this is longer than that.

"The Social Network was a perfect film, and this series will be different, providing a longer view of the work life changes, gamesmanship and personal sacrifices made by a group of individuals who are building a company that will change the way that people communicate," she said. In other words, we're getting prequel to $#*! My Dad Says.

Sundance's series, meanwhile, will be called Cold Dead Hands, and will take a look at America's gun rights issue through the lens of charismatic but polarizing--and fictional--NRA president Trip Thibodeaux. Author and journalist Scott Gold is writing, and Tony Krantz of NBC's Dracula is producing. There will finally be some entertainment with guns in it.

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