'Enemy' Trailer: Jake Is His Own Worst Gyllenhaal

January 31, 2014


Reteaming with his Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve, Jake Gyllenhaal learns in horror that there are too many Princes in Persia in the new psycho-thriller Enemy. In a haunting, Eddie Murphy-style dual performance, Gyllenhaal plays both a professor and an actor. Both characters go on, unrelated and unaware of the other, until one day, someone is like, "Hey, Professor, are you actor Jake Gyllenhaal?" Naturally, he's like, "No. I'm Professor Jake Gyllenhaal. Maybe I'll check this guy out if he's good, though. How do you spell that?"

As such, what begins as a particularly lazy start to Jake Gyllenhaal slash-fiction quickly devolves into a dark, Hitchcockian case of psychological games, obsession, and unanswered questions. Why are there multiple Bubble Boys? Does this mean there are also extra Maggie Gyllenhaals out there? And, perhaps most crucially, were The Double and Another Ed Harris not enough doppelgänger films already?

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