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HBO Reveals a Bunch of New 'Game of Thrones' Stills


HBO is still making us wait a couple more months before giving us our due Game of Thrones, but unlike George R. R. Martin, at least they aren't completely deaf to our needs and desires with these things. The network has just released 17 new stills from the upcoming fourth season, and you can see them all below. Don't worry, there aren't any big spoilers, and for those who've forgotten some characters' roles, the accompanying captions should provide some much-needed, highly-insightful context.


Margaery and Olenna Tyrell wait for a table to open up at this Olive Garden.


Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand, the Orange Iguanas in this vintage episode of Legend of the Hidden Temple.


Joffrey Baratheon, King of Punchability.


Tyrion Lannister comforts Sansa over her smaller-than-expected portion of bacon mac & cheese.


Samwell Tarly briefly takes off his mask to cool off before returning to full-on gorilla costume.






Jaime Lannister apologizes for showing his barber a photo of Chris Evans.


Ygritte and Tormund, of the Welsh indie metal band of the same name.


Tywin Lannister is pissed because everyone at the party thought he was supposed to be Donald Sutherland in The Hunger Games or Captain Picard.


Daario Naharis, NPC in every modern RPG.


"Daenerys, I sell and repair weapons. Would you like to see my masterworks? Oh, I'm sorry, it seems you don't have enough gold for [short sword]. Come back later when you've defeated more enemies."


The Hound investigates whether he has enough change to get Arya a Pepsi and the bag of Gardetto's.


He doesn't.


Jon Snow finally catches a Pompeii commercial.


Tyrion and Shae. Will they ever be allowed to show their love in a Captain & Tennille cover act?


Say what you will about the guy, but he can sure wear the shit out of a ladies overcoat.

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