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'Her' with Philip Seymour Hoffman Is the Sexy, Post-Modern 'Master' Reunion You Need


Adding Philip Seymour Hoffman to a film is a pretty surefire way to improve a film by a wide margin (to be multiplied by random values of PSH, in which "P" represents "Patheticness," "S" is "Stubble," and "H" is "Howled rage"). But does that hold true if his addition means the subtraction of Scarlett Johannsson's seductive, husky voice? As Fight Club-minus-Tyler-Durden editor Richard Trammel proves with this modified Her trailer, of course it does. That's just math.


  • January 21, 2014
    If Her's relationship with an OS is love of the slight future, then what is love of the modern age, if not being jacked off by a MacBook peripheral? Longtime Spike Jonze collaborator Lance Bangs seeks an answer from the likes of Olivia Wilde, Marc Maron, James Murphy, Charlyne ... / Continue →
  • January 7, 2014
    For Her's fashions of the future, director Spike Jonze and his longtime costume designer Casey Storm eschewed silver jumpsuits and Hunger Games beards for stranger, arguably more-likely looks: a return of high-waisted slacks, banded collars, and mustaches. You could say it's gi... / Continue →
  • January 6, 2014
    In Spike Jonze's Her, a Siri-esque operating system grows to feel true emotions and, eventually, progresses beyond human understanding. In reality, we're not quite there, but as it turns out, the real Siri has still managed to evolve in her own petty way. As pointed out by Buzz... / Continue →
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