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Jennifer Lawrence, David O. Russell May Reteam for Inspirational Mop Story


Seeing the way Jennifer Lawrence looks at her young Hunger Games franchise, threatened older boyfriend David O. Russell is working to keep his muse too busy for anything else age-appropriate. According to Deadline, he's looking to get the 23-year-old actress to play a mother of three in an untitled project he's in talks re-write and direct for Fox 2000. Bridesmaids co-writer Annie Mumolo wrote the original draft, which focuses on inventor Joy Mangano, a Long Island single mom who rose to home-shopping fame the easy-wringing Miracle Mop. She went on to built a massive business out of HSN-ready products, including Huggable Hangers, Forever Fragrant, and Clothes It All luggage. When this becomes a big tentpole franchise, Huggable Hangers will probably be the dark "Empire" of the Miracle Mop Saga.

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