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Michael Douglas Will Also Play Ant-Man


Coming off a Golden Globe win last night for Behind the Candelabra, Michael Douglas has somehow already found another role in which he'll shape a young man named Scott in his own, laughably-eccentric image. The actor has officially joined Marvel's Ant-Man, signing on to play scientist and original Ant-Man Hank Pym.

Since early on in development, it's been rumored that both Pym and his successor, burglar-turned-hero Scott Lang, would be involved in Edgar Wright's adaptation. With Paul Rudd already signed on to also play the title role, it's now evident that he'll be playing the superhero's latter incarnation, who inherits the mantle after stealing Pym's technology to shrink down and commit a crime. So that clears that up. Back to wondering whether the main villain will be The Living Eraser.

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