Netflix Has Over 76k Ridiculously-Specific Categories

January 3, 2014


How does Netflix have such bizarrely-particular sub-categories, and christ, how many of these things are there? Through clever scripting and, later, a discussion with Netflix's VP of Product, The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal has (mostly) figured it out, and his findings are pretty interesting. You can read about the whole dissection here, but in short, Netflix has torn apart their library into 76,897 unique, incredibly-specific genres--some of which don't even contain any films, either due to rights losses or because Exciting Foreign Mad-Scientist Movies for now exist only in theory. For reasons inexplicable, the company has also devoted a truly strange number of categories to people involved with '50s and '60s court procedural Perry Mason, devoting 19 genres to Raymond Burr alone. Is it any wonder we can never get a room full of people to agree on what Raymond Burr sub-genre to watch on a Friday night?

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