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Paul Walker's Remaining Roles Taken Over by James Marsden and Rupert Friend


James Marsden and Rupert Friend are the latest men accused of stealing parts from the wreckage of Paul Walker's tragedy. According to THR, Marsden has started talks to take over Walker's role in The Best of Me, a new bit of schmaltz being adapted from the Nicolas Sparks library. He'll star opposite Michelle Monaghan, the two playing high school sweethearts who reunite years later in their hometown, where they will, history tell us, share a sensuous embrace, pausing momentarily to savor the passion before bringing their lips together.

Meanwhile, TheWrap reports that Rupert Friend--known best as Homeland's Peter Quinn and as the UK market's name for My Buddy dolls--is replacing Walker on Agent 47, the latest attempt to turn the Hitman video game into a film. Walker was meant to himself be replacing Timothy Olyphant, who played the shorn killer in the largely-reviled 2007 adaptation. Commercials director Aleksander Bach is making his feature debut on the film.

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