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Rainn Wilson, Craig Robinson Headed Back to TV


Like their former co-workers Mindy Kaling and James Spader, Rainn Wilson and Craig Robinson have been lured back to network television with the promise of top billing. Wilson is reportedly set to star in Backstrom, a detective dark comedy from Hart Hanson, creator of the strangely-enduring Bones. With CBS having passed on the pilot they produced (sizzle reel from that below), now Fox has picked up the series with a commitment to watch Wilson play an unhealthy, misshapen, cartoonishly-misanthropic detective for at least 13 episodes.

Robinson is meanwhile reportedly headed back to NBC for Mr. Robinson. That show, too, was passed over as a pilot, but now that NBC is facing the reality of keeping a Sean Hayes sitcom on the air, they've warmed to Robinson with a six-episode order. Getting his own Hangin' with Mr. Cooper by way of School of Rock and, hopefully, some Summer Heights High, Robinson will play a musician who resorts to taking a job teaching music at a middle school. Assumedly, there will be comical piano numbers; "bad" kids will show they have a good side but a poor home life; the nerdy introvert will have a breakthrough in song. Then an all-new episode of Parenthood.

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