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'The Lego Movie' Gets the Hyper-Dramatic 'Man of Steel' Treatment in Latest Trailer


Remember that Lego recreation of the Man of Steel trailer? This is not that. But it's also not that far off. For the latest The Lego Movie trailer, Warner Bros. has drawn from their earlier Superman-inclusive blockbuster to make the most hyper-dramatic preview you could make for interlocking plastic bricks. Perhaps this will lure Ben Affleck to the Lego sequel.

  • October 31, 2013
    As needs to be stated every time The Lego Movie trailer is posted, it appears that the Phil Lord and Chris Miller have somehow done it again, turning a studio's ill-conceived grab at brand recognition into something shockingly fun. Like with the duo's Cloudy with a Chance of Me... / Continue →
  • January 30, 2014
    Here's the red-band trailer for A Million Ways to Die in the West, writer-director Seth MacFarlane's film about the myriad ways an old west character could die, and the many ways Seth MacFarlane could provide familiarly over-or-under-exaggerated reactions to those. The film sta... / Continue →
  • January 28, 2014
    Here's the trailer for Joe, a rare Nicolas Cage film that does not seem to be A Nicolas Cage Film. In an equally rare turn, Cage stars as a character whose name you may end up recalling beyond it just being Nicolas Cage. He plays the title role here in a serious drama that also... / Continue →
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