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We May Finally Get a Televised Sex Box


In news that is somehow not a 30 Rock bit, there may soon be an actual show called "Sex Box" on television. Already aired in the UK, the show has a couple retreat into a fornication chamber (i.e. sex box) and do whatever sex acts they wish within the privacy of their box. When the couple feels they have sufficiently filled their box with sex, they emerge to talk to a panel of experts to discuss their box time and, hopefully, improve their sex life and candor. Now, according to Broadcast (via), Relativity Media has bought the rights to bring the series to the United States, perhaps breathing new life into the stale old format of Howie Mandel asking contestants to pick boxes to open. Disappointingly, Denmark has yet to acquire the rights to find out what Lars von Trier would do with a sex box.

  • January 17, 2014
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