James Franceau To Direct Film About 'The Room'

February 10, 2014


James Franco, who has some experience with ridiculous movies written by hulking, craggy men, is attached to produce and direct a film about the making of cult-beloved awful thing The Room. Franco's Rabbit Bandini Productions has reportedly optioned the rights to The Disaster Artist, Greg Sestero's recent nonfiction about his experiences playing "Mark" in the film--and, almost more fascinatingly, about his long, insane friendship with The Room's enigmatic and batshit-crazy writer-director, Tommy Wiseau. Franco reviewed the book for Vice last year, and he likened the tale to Sunset Boulevard, Boogie Nights, The Master, and The Talented Mr. Ripley. He also closed with the note, "In so many ways, Tommy c'est moi." It seems that's more than just a reference to The Room's own belated "that's me"; Franco last month mentioned this adaptation would star "both Francos," suggesting he may play Wiseau to Dave Franco's Sestero.

Given Wiseau's well-established desire for privacy, the casting may the one bright spot he finds in this news. The Disaster Artist--and The Room's dialogue, for that matter--makes a big point of Wiseau's adoration for James Dean. You'd imagine it would be sort of an honor to be portrayed by a James Dean surrogate like Franco. But that would be to imagine Tommy Wiseau's mind functions like a human brain, and that would be a mistake.

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