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Jon Turteltaub Will Tell Us How Women Broke the Men's Locker Room Barrier


Cool Runnings director Jon Turteltaub is getting back into the world of lighthearted sports tales with an adaptation of The Lady in the Locker Room, the true story of Susan Fornoff's fight for equal rights in glimpsing athlete butts and wieners. Turteltaub will reportedly direct this story of Fornoff's "hilarious and harrowing journey" from just outside the locker room to actually inside it. As a sports reporter in the '80s, she fought and won a battle against the policy of barring women from professional sports locker rooms, becoming one of the first females to get in there and nail that scoop that, y'know, we tried our best out there, tried to win, but we made some mistakes and it didn't come together. The project reteams Turteltaub with CBS films, recreating the magic of Last Vegas.

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