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'Lego Movie' Proves Accurate in Its Awesomeness Assessment


Your weekend box office:

1. The Lego Movie - $69.1 million. Writer-directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller conjured something completely clever, entertaining, meaningful, and--thanks to a $60 million budget--already profitable out of some interlocking plastic bricks. I can't even get the flat ones apart without using my teeth.

2. The Monuments Men - $22.7 million, which is pretty decent considering the subject matter and middling reviews. Audiences just can't resist a Clooney-led ensemble heist, unless Clooney happens to be a fox.

3. Ride Along - $9.4 million, and now at over $100 million in its fourth weekend. Turns out the Are We There Yet? formula (Ice Cube + car + diminutive passenger) only improves with age.

4. Frozen - $6.9 million. Some poor children saw this instead of The Lego Movie, and today everyone at school is laughing at them.

5. That Awkward Moment - $5.5 million. This weekend, Zac Efron delivered the newly-opened Vampire Academy the uncomfortable news that it only made $4 million in over 2,600 theaters.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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