Melissa McCarthy Robs a Place with Paper Bags in First 'Tammy' Teaser

February 13, 2014


Tammy marks the directorial debut of Melissa's McCarthy's husband, Ben Falcone, and a rare recent case of her playing a sympathetic protagonist. In the title role, McCarthy plays a fast food worker who, in a single day, gets fired, totals her car, and finds out she's being cheated on. The rest of the film is a meditation on bittersweet loss, McCarthy pensively contemplating the idea of deconstruction as a necessary precursor to growth. The crumbled, irreparable façade must be razed before it can be rebuild; only with the mulch of the decaying bark can the new flower bloom; the crumpled, paper sack must first be emptied of its greasy contents before it can be worn as a primitive mask, crumpled into a crude gun, for a bumbling, slapstick robbery scene. Ponder these thoughts--particularly that last one--with the first Tammy teaser below.

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