Presidents'/Valentine's Day Weekend Thoroughly a Lego Weekend


Date movies About Last Night, Endless Love, and especially Winter's Tale just couldn't compete against the raw, primitive sexuality of interlocking pieces. Lego Movie dipped less than 30% in its second weekend out, keeping it above a pack of newcomers that included the RoboCop remake, which opened Wednesday but still fell behind fellow 80s remake About Last Night even with its mid-week take. Time will tell if RoboCop can rebound today as the nation celebrates its early leaders with the traditional cyborg officer parable.

1. The Lego Movie - $48.8 million

2. About Last Night - $27 million

3. RoboCop - $21.5 million

4. The Monuments Men - $15 million

5. Endless Love - $13.4 million

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]



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