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Seth Gordon Adds Lewis Carroll Movie to All the Things He's Doing


Seth Gordon is attached to mix Finding Neverland and Alice in Wonderland into a whimsical cocktail Johnny Depp surely won't be able to resist. The Horrible Bosses director will reportedly helm Queen of Hearts, a Black List script that marks the screenwriting debut of Stephanie Shannon. It tells the seemingly-invented origins of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, revealing an affair that left Lewis Carroll heartbroken and primed to write the craziest shit he could think of.

It's not yet clear when Gordon will get around to this. He just signed on to direct Sony's Uncharted adaptation, and it's said that's his priority; plus, he also has a maple syrup comedy and a redundant, mockumentary take on his King of Kong documentary lined up. Be prepared to wait a while before finally seeing a crestfallen Lewis Carroll quietly weeping over a scene about using a flamingo as a mallet.

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