'The Parsifal Mosaic' Gets Director To Assemble Mosaic of Parsifals

February 14, 2014


In what's being called the first time a mainland Chinese director has signed on for an English-language film at a US studio, House of Flying Daggers and The Flowers of War's Zhang Yimou is reportedly attached to direct The Parsifal Mosaic, an adaptation of one of Robert Ludlum's many novels that have excitingly-meaningless names like that. Written between the now-famed Bourne Identity and, of course, The Aquitaine Progression, the story is a Ludlum of the highest order, a spy thriller filled with action, betrayals, and title word combinations that sound very intriguing indeed. Universal has long been working on adapting it, and Ron Howard was once attached to direct before he got more into reading the page-turners of Kipling. The plot involves a spy whose partner and lover is killed for being a KGB double-agent. The act sends him into retirement, but when he finds that his wife was never an agent and is still alive, the spy--oh fuck it, who even cares about the plot? I will see anything involving parsifal mosaics.

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