'The Transporter' Getting Rebooted with New Bald Guy

February 10, 2014


In a strange turn of events that goes against everything we've come to know about transportation, there will soon be multiple Transporters, and none of them will be Jason Statham. Adding to The Transporter series soon airing on TNT, there will now also be a new Transporter movie that reboots the franchise, so shallow are the graves being dug these days. With the reboot comes a new Transporter man, and that role will be reportedly filled by Ed Skrein. The (recently-replaced) Game of Thrones actor was known for having the long, flowing hair of a princess as Daario Naharis, but as you can see, he also readily clips down to near-Statham levels, so it's fine.

Plot details aren't being released, but true to the spirit of re-hashing, it's said the action will return to the original's French Riviera setting. However, now "the writers have given more depth to the character of Frank Martin," a consequence of losing the visual shorthand that the Jason Statham character would be like every other Jason Statham character.

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