'Think Like a Man Too' Trailer: Do Some More Thinking Like a Man... Also

February 13, 2014


Teen Wolf Too centers on an all-new character who, separate from Michael J. Fox, also happens to be a teenage werewolf. So, in the sense of its use of "too," it will always make more sense than Think Like a Man Too, which seems to have the same cast of people thinking like men as did before. Think Like a Man Too, however, does not have anyone turning into an athletic wolfman, so let's not necessarily say it makes less sense in every way.

Other ways this sequel actually makes a lot of sense: its taking the most logical and tritest past toward wild times and escalated gender conflict, shifting the action to Las Vegas, where the menfolk and ladyfolk are holding their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties. Just as shrewdly, while the original, surprisingly-successful formula remains largely in tact, now Kevin Hart's presence seems to have been inflated to match his rising star power. And, in fairness, maybe there is a new person thinking like a man "too." It might be Adam Brody. He might be our "too." And, if that's the case, well, then at least now I'll know better than to second-guess the translated wisdom of Steve Harvey. And you shall know that too.

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