Tom Cruise Sued for a Billion Dollars Over 'Ghost Protocol'

February 7, 2014


As will happen when you climb to the top with special electro-stick gloves, everyone starts wanting a piece of what you got. Case in point: Tom Cruise, Paramount Pictures, J.J. Abrams, and others are being jointly sued for a billion dollars in a claim that says the plot of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol was stolen. The plaintiff, Tim McLanahan, is representing himself and has prepared a ten-page lawsuit arguing that M:I4 was ripped off of Head On, a script he wrote in 1998, long before it was ever known as a topical headache remedy. The suit doesn't go into specifics about exactly what elements were stolen, but it does contain a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. It also makes a claim that "age discrimination" comes into play; McLanahan's age isn't stated, but Cruise is of course perpetually 36, so their age rift grows every day.

Anyway, Suri can breathe easy about her inheritance, as this probably won't go far. As Deadline notes, beyond its myriad errors, the suit also makes illogical connections that aren't likely to hold up in court. For one: McLanahan argues that he gave his 1998 script to the agency William Morris, and "shortly afterwards, five top agents from William Morris broke away to form a new agency called 'Creative Artist Agency' (CAA) in 1975." Whoops, time!

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