'Alice in Wonderland' Sequel To Add Wonder of Johnny Depp Father-Son Relationship

April 10, 2014


For some reason following in the tradition of Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland 2 will give Johnny Depp's nutball an aptly-cast father figure to yell at. Variety reports that actor Mark Rylan has been cast as the Mad Hatter's patriarch in the sequel, which is being directed by James Bobin. Rylan--largely a theater actor--isn't as high profile or on-the-nose as Jack Sparrow's dad Keith Richards, but as you can see above, he does have the requisite face pale face-paint experience. Plus, akin to Depp, his default look is apparently old-fashioned hat, facial hair, and earring.

Sadly, we must still wait until Alice's May 27, 2016 release to find out just how much more delightfully eccentric Dad Hatter will be, what with all his additional years of quirky mercury poisoning.

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