'Star Wars' Headed Back to Tatooine, So Hopefully Someone Cleaned Up All the Charred Skeletons

April 9, 2014


Star Wars is headed back to Tatooine, that sandy wasteland where many an adventure begins or drags on with a fucking pod race. THR reports that JJ Abrams and Disney are "planning to build out an extensive re-creation of Tatooine, the desolate home planet of Luke and Anakin Skywalker, in a Morocco-like environment (the original was built in Tunisia)." Mark Hamill is expected to reprise his role as Luke in the film, and it is thusly expected to be pathetic if the crew is doing these sets because Luke is living and raising his kids there now. I mean, the guy already said, "If there's a bright center to the universe, [Tatooine is] the planet that it's farthest from." Don't be such a townie, Skywalker.

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