'Shutter Island' Headed to Television, Stupidly Not As Prank Series

August 26, 2014


HBO and Paramount Television are teaming with Martin Scorsese to turn Shutter Island into a television series where, each week, Ben Kingsley will stage a new and elaborate prank on the mentally ill. Except that for some reason that's not what it will be. According to Deadline, instead the plan is make the show a prequel drama, focusing on the history behind the hospital where Leonardo DiCaprio would later gets his lobotomy. The working title is Ashecliffe--named after the mental institution at its center--and the plan is for Scorsese to direct at least the pilot, which is being written by Shutter Island author and Boardwalk Empire writer Dennis Lehane. I can't wait to see the daily ins and outs of hospital administration from before they let the criminally insane play out their cop fantasies!

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