Rob Schneider Selling Rob Schneider Sitcom He Put Himself In

March 18, 2015


Showing a "you can do it" spirit he typically only shouts as a catchphrase, Rob Schneider has picked up the pieces of his canceled sitcom and put them back together as another, extremely similar sitcom. Variety generously reports that Schneider has gone the "indie auteur route" with Real Rob, his series follow-up to CBS's ¡Rob!. Like the latter series, Real Rob is a half-hour comedy centered on Schneider's life with his younger, Mexican wife. But this is far more real because this fictional Rob is an entertainer--just like real Rob!--and also because real Rob paid for this with real Rob's real money, self-financing an eight-episode run. It's being shopped to buyers at next month's MipTV conference in Cannes, where, logically, it should go to Netflix. After all, Netflix already has four Adam Sandler films ordered; only makes sense to now give us the dozen or so briefer scenes of Rob Schneider one expects from that.

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