See the Effects of War on a Cool Dog in 'Max' Trailer

March 18, 2015


As American Sniper perhaps most recently reminded us, it can be tough for a man to return home from war. Also, as Max will now show us, sometimes that man is a dog.

A tale of the psychological toll of war mixed with a straight-to-video adventure about a boy and his dog, Max sees a military canine acting distrustful, angry, and shell-shocked after its Marine handler gets killed in action. The dog ends up in the care of the handler's younger brother, and after some trust is built between them, the two steam up with the kid's friends to stop some criminals that seem to have assaulted father Thomas Haden Church.

The film is reportedly based on a true story, and again like American Sniper, already it's drawing some criticism for building its lead character into something he isn't: In this trailer, someone says that Max is "the Air Jordan of dogs." This is plainly not true. Air Bud is the Air Jordan of dogs. That isn't even up for debate.

Anyway, here's the trailer:

The film hits U.S. theaters June 26, somehow without the tagline "P.T.S.Dog!"

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