'John Wick 2' To Correct Most Glaring Omission from First Film

November 10, 2015


Though John Wick has quickly risen to cult status, even its devotees are likely to admit it's not a perfect film. It may be super awesome, but it has its flaws. Chief among them? That somehow a movie about European gangsters does not count Peter Stormare among its cast. It's like, sure, I can buy that this stoic assassin manages to murder everyone in a crime organization after one of them kills his dog, but come on, you're going to tell me Stormare isn't one of those corpses?

Thankfully, John Wick 2 will correct the issue. No longer must we suspend our disbelief that Stormare wouldn't be willing to do yet another Russian accent for this, as Deadline reports that he's among the new cast joining the sequel. Also joining: Orange is the New Black's Ruby Rose and Burnt's Riccardo Scamarcio. Statistically, expect at least two-thirds of this group to be shot in the face.

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