New 'Nine Lives' Trailer Either Pitch-Perfect Satire or Nadir of Film

April 15, 2016


Two-time Academy Award winner and Golden Globe recipient Kevin Spacey has at last had his talents condensed into the body of a CGI-contorted house cat. And now you can see this bewildering career move in Nine Lives, Spacey's first film since The Big Kahuna to be aptly named after wet cat food.

Much like The Shaggy Dog or the Gary Busey comedy Quigley--but now with a cat!--the film sees Spacey playing a workaholic father who "has a terrible accident" that results in the tragic news every family fears hearing: dad's brain is trapped in a pet's feline body somehow. Jennifer Garner co-stars in the thankless role of "guy's wife," while, in the clearest indication yet that this was meant to be an Adam Sandler morality comedy, Christopher Walken plays a "mystical pet store" owner who provides Spacey the device for his magical comeuppance. What a miserably specific pigeonhole Click wrought.

Here's the new trailer. It's either the most spectacularly unwinking satire ever or the signal that we need to stop making movies altogether.

Truly an experience as confusingly repellant as Walken's thumb nail once you notice it.

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