July 29, 2016


Well, everyone, that's it. As somberly noted earlier this week, I Watch Stuff is shutting down. After more than a decade, I am, for now, done watching stuff.

In parting, though, I'd like to sincerely thank everyone again. Thanks for reading, and thanks to everyone for leaving such kind comments when I announced this news. I was, and remain, completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of sentiment. I know that I've been hugely lucky to have had the chance to do this job at all, and to know that it's mattered to others means a lot.

On that note, also thanks to Anticlown Media for giving me this opportunity in the first place, and for giving me such freedom and support in building this dumb thing. It's been fun.

It seems many of you are wondering why I Watch Stuff is shutting down. As you could and did guess, it's largely financial. Being a small, simple, non-very-clickbaity website is becoming increasingly difficult to get by on, and, unfortunately, it just didn't make sense to keep going any longer. And anyway, I had to stop at some point, right?

As for what's next for me, I'm honestly not sure. I haven't had any real time off in years, so currently my only fully thought-out plan is to willfully avoid entertainment news for a couple weeks.

If you'd like to know what I end up doing, or want to contact me for whatever other reason (solicitation, schemes, etc.), I'm @markinternet on Twitter.

Now I'm gonna go throw up.


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