February 02, 2006

Lisa Loeb wears a bra


I'm going to be honest with you, I've never seen a single episode of #1 Single. Apparently it's about Lisa Loeb and it may or may not feature actual footage of her wearing clothes. Considering what I have seen, I'm leaning towards 'may not.'

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Harry Osborn's Role In Spider-Man 3

goblin.jpgOver at IESB, an apparently reliable source has delivered a scoop about Harry Osborn's role in Spider-Man 3. So if you care about plot, and surprises and things, don't read this:

All the assumptions that Harry Osborn is the third villain the Hobgoblin are all wrong. Spiderman finds himself out numbered in this one. When everything seems to be at its worst for our hero, he finds himself an unlikely ally, Harry Osborn. We will see Harry battling his inner demons to make the choice between his father's legacy and his best friend.

This would seem to contradict the report last month that James Franco would be wearing make-up and appliances in his role, presumably as a villain. Unless instead of Goblin makeup, he just puts on random make-up and appliances when saving Spider-Man, which would make no sense.

I do, however, think that wearing random make-up would be a good idea for police and firemen saving people. That way, even if you're stuck in a burning building, afterwards you have a good story about how you were rescued by Richard Nixon and Dracula.


Dark Crystal Sequel In The Works

darkcrystal2.jpgThe Jim Henson Company has announced that Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of Samurai Jack and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, will direct a sequel to the 1982 fantasy puppet film, The Dark Crystal. The second chapter, titled Power of the Dark Crystal, will take place hundreds of years after the original, following a mysterious girl made of fire who steals a shard of the crystal, hoping to use it to re-ignite the dying sun. I don't know how they're planning on showing this film takes place hundreds of years after the first, but I'd recommend talking to Keith Richards, who's done a stellar job of appearing hundreds of years older.

But you know who's not looking older? That hot female Muppet from the first Dark Crystal. She's still looking like Gwyneth Paltrow hybrid with a cat, which it turns out is exactly what I go for.


Catherine Zeta-Jones Might Be A Man

zetajonesman.jpgIf there's one role that's sure to earn critical acclaim (besides playing the mentally challenged), it's playing a transsexual. Surely knowing this, Catherine Zeta-Jones is rumored to be up for a role as transsexual cabaret artist April Ashley, an aristocrat whose marriage to Baron Rowallan was annulled in a landmark case. The article also notes:

Hubby Michael Douglas, meanwhile, once joked that he thought Cath was a "man in drag" when they first met because they didn't kiss until they'd been dating for nine months.

I can't imagine being called a "man in drag" was very appealing to Catherine Zeta-Jones, but I bet Eddie Murphy's little ears sure perked up.


Roland Emmerich To Ruin History

10000bc.jpgDirector Roland Emmerich's prehistoric epic, 10,000 BC, has been picked up by Warner after the studio passed on the successful The Day After Tomorrow. The film follows a young mammoth hunter at the dawn of modern man, and is expected to have a budget of over $100 million.

I really don't care what Emmerich does with this film, as long as he doesn't mess with the continuity of Raquel Welch's One Million Years B.C. It's been sort of my "caveman encyclopedia" for the last few years, so finding out it has inaccuracies would really negate a lot of arguments I've had about dinosaurs.


Gervais Added To Museum

gervaismuseum.jpgRicky Gervais, co-creator and star of the British The Office, is the latest addition to the cast of the Ben Stiller comedy Night at the Museum. He will play the uptight museum director, joining Carla Gugino, Kim Raver, Robin Williams, Mickey Rooney and Dick Van Dyke in the film.

The role is a returned favor to Stiller, who appeared in Gervais's Extras last season, while Dick Van Dyke's appearance is an apology to God for making Diagnosis Murder.