February 21, 2006

Spielberg Confirms Indy 4

spielbergindy4.jpgThough most of the principals have already spoken up about their involvement about the project, Steven Spielberg had yet to confirm that he would direct a fourth Indiana Jones film until saying this:

I am about to make Indiana Jones 4, which is, as far as I am concerned, the sweet dessert I give those who had to chow down on the bitter herbs that I've used in Munich.

So you used some "bitter herbs" to make Munich, eh, Stevie? Don't worry, I dig your "bitter herbs," man. I didn't know you partied, but I guess that explains why Munich was so long. And had all those sequences of kaleidoscope patterns set to sitar.


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Das Parfum Teaser Trailer is Creepy


The teaser for Perfume, the newest project from the director of Run Lola Run, is now available in a convenient, downloadable format. The upcoming German film features Dustin Hoffman and Alan Rickman, though only a girl and a terrifying freak are shown in the clip. If you think being secretly sniffed by a man from behind isn't scary, you haven't seen this trailer. Or been on the subway, for that matter.


A Scanner Darkly Trailer


Keanu Reeves proves, once again, that he's better at acting stupidly inquisitive than anyone else in Hollywood in the new trailer for A Scanner Darkly. The whole trailer reminds me of sex, in that I'm not exactly sure what's going on and it seems kind of confusing, but I'm still very excited to experience it at least once.


Arthur and the Minimoys Shots


Madonna Tribe, a cult to which we should all belong, got ahold of some character shots from Luc Besson's animated Arthur and the Minimoys, which Madonna provides her voice for. Is it just me, or do Arthur and his friends look like they might lack simple reasoning skills? I mean, he seems to handle a sword pretty well, but if the time comes for some reading comprehension, basic mathematics, or using a zipper, I'd just as soon find someone with eyebrows for the job.

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Basic Instict 2 French Poster


The French poster for Basic Instinct 2 has been released and it features Sharon Stone about to give oral sex to a sharpened penis. Sure, it might just be an ice pick, but according to the leaked promo reel that wouldn't be nearly sexy or dangerous enough to be in the movie.

Carmen Electra and Victoria Silvstedt kiss on La Methode Cauet


I don't normally watch French television, but if it features Carmen Electra and Victoria Silvstedt kissnig each other all the time then I might have to change that. I'm not entirely sure where these are from, but it looks like an appearance on La Methode Cauet which, by the looks of it, might very well be the best television show on Earth.

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