April 20, 2006

More Shots From Superman Returns


Whether or not you're excited enough for Superman Returns to still care about the seemingly endless stream of images that keep coming, you have to appreciate an old woman forcing a man in black spandex to pet himself. And I guarantee it will cost you twice as much to see at a bachelor party.

More new shots of Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, and other bullshit under the cut.




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Penelope Cruz in Volver


Dark Horizons has some images from the new Pedro Almodovar film, Volver, starring Penelope Cruz. Almodovar wrote and directed the critically acclaimed Talk to Her and Bad Education, so this is one to take a look at. Plus, the pictures are all of Penelope Cruz looking sexy, so you can rest assured the film will have that, if nothing else. Unless you're one of the people who keeps telling me she looks like a rat. You're wrong, she's hot, not a rat. Even* when she's being sniffed by a strange man.



Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Character Images


Have you ever wondered what it would look like if street artists drew caricatures of homeless vagrants as mermen? You're in luck! The artists down at Disney have done just that for you, though they claim it's from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest:

Here's a first look at conceptual designs and maquette busts of two members from Davy Jones' crew. Hadras & Maccus sail aboard the Flying Dutchman, their bodies assimilating elements of the sea itself under the curse of Davy Jones.

I know a lot of people are going to come down on how shitty this art looks, but I know from personal experience that this kind of thing looks better in a real life, since I've actually seen them in person. My high school's mascot was the Fightin' Sea Hobo.

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Monarch of the Moon Trailer


Now at the official site, you can see the trailer for Monarch of the Moon, a mock b-movie about America's greatest superhero, Yellow Jacket, and his battle against the Japanese super agent, the Dragonfly, who has formed a deadly alliance with the Monarch of the Moon. When I first heard this idea and saw a few images, it seemed like it had a lot of potential, but the more I see of it the worse it's starting to look. It's like when I decided to adopt a kid; it looked cute at first, but the closer I got, the more it started to stink and make noises I didn't like. Though that problem took care of itself, will it be so easy to ditch Monach of the Moon in a mall bathroom?


The Omen Poster


The new poster for The Omen reminds us how to tell if our children are anti-christs. If you suspect your kid is a Satan, try to get him to walk into a sunset or towards headlights (maybe just drive at him) and pay careful attention to his shadow. If it's child shaped, you've got a kid; if it's cross-shaped, you have a Satan. Either that, or the kid might just have his arms out like a cross, so make sure his arms are down before trying to kill him for being a Satan. There's also another possibility, which is that the "child" you've been raising has just been a wooden cross.


More Stills From Marie-Antoinette


As any respectable Sofia Coppola fan is, I'm really excited about the auteur's stylized look at the life of the young French queen, Marie-Antoinette. So, in anticipation of the film, here's a shot of Kirsten Dunst doing an impression of Garden State. Come back next week and I'll have a video clip of her driving away with a gas pump to indie music.

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