Hollywood conducts most important research ever

October 10, 2005

Research by Online Testing eXchange explained that the recent slump at box offices was because less people were watching movies. Well that was money well spent, huh?

Males under 25 years-old, a core movie audience, saw fewer films this past summer but watched more DVDs, played more video games and surfed the Web more often than previously, according to a study released on Monday. This past summer, ticket revenues fell to $3.62 billion, their lowest level since 2001 and the estimated number of tickets sold -- 541 million -- was the lowest level since 1997, according to box office tracker Exhibitor Relations.

Yes, good job. Brilliant research. These folks spent oodles of money to figure out that the slump in movie sales was because people were watching less movies. I'll save these guys $50k and just go ahead and tell them that TV viewership also falls when people don't watch TV. Coincidence? I think maybe.

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