Rhona Mitra is on Nip/Tuck

October 5, 2005

rhona_mitra_nip_tuck.jpgIt's hard to imagine that they could actually make Nip/Tuck an even greater show than it already is, but putting in the super hot Rhona Mitra really did the trick. There's something about gorgeous half naked women that really makes for good TV. The only problem with the addition of Rhona is that she makes Kelly Carlson look like a man. To be fair though, pretty much all women look like men when they're standing next to Rhona. Get it? Because she's sexy.

And if you watched tonight, then you'll agree with me that Matt totally had the punch in the face coming. You don't throw your mom around and expect not to get punched in the face. It just comes with the territory, man.

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