Spider-man 3 costumes suck

October 7, 2005

bad_spider_costumes.jpgWord on the street is that the Spider-man 3 costumes aren't looking very promising.

"If you thought the first 'Spiderman' was bad in terms of development, just wait until you see the next film. The first problem is with Venom's costume, which Spiderman wears first. Instead of being pure black, they took a bit from the comic and gave it a disgusting purple tint. In the comic the reason for the tint was to Venom stood out in the shadows, but in film there's no reason for this. Now I've actually seen the costume designs and they're terrible. The purple looks awful.

And yes it gets much, much worse. All I can say about the Hobgoblin outfit is "yikes"! He looks like a skateboarder or something."

Considering Venom and Sandman are going to have to be rendered completely in CG anyways, it's hard to imagine how screwed up the costumes can be. Although I'll admit making Venom purple is pretty lame. Why don't they just give him a skirt and some makeup?

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