Weekend Box Office

October 10, 2005

wallace_gromit.jpg1. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit - $16.1 million
I'm a fan of the films, but the thought of a full length feature film seems tedious. Plus British humor doesn't really sit right with me anymore.

2. Flightplan - $10.8 million
Highly regarded as a terrible movie, this crazy sunuvatich movie is still making oodles of money. If anybody has an explanation, feel free to let me know. No wait, scratch that. I don't care.

3. In Her Shoes - $10 million
Cameron Diaz in a bikini always means good business. It's amazing how many people out there enjoy seeing skinny pig-faces in their bikinis.

4. Two for the Money - $8.4 million
Three for the plants, baby. Three for the plants.

5. The Gospel - $8 million
What the f*** is this? Not only have I heard nothing about it, I still don't even know what the f*** it is. The fact that this could do better than Serenity and A History of Violence and I have no clue what it is just goes to show you how qualified I really am for this job.

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