Google finanes Broken Arrows

December 30, 2005

broken-arrows.jpgThe founders of Google have take it upon themselves to step out of the conquering the world business and into the movie business. They recently announced that they're financing an independent film for their friend, Reid Gershbein, a graphics designer at DreamWorks Animation. The film is called Broken Arrows and according to the site is:

A story of love and a struggle over the virtues of free will versus destiny. It follows the journey of Reese, who becomes a hitman after he loses his wife and unborn child, as he confronts the forces of love, faith, and destiny.

Sure, whatever. The only thing anybody cares about here is that Google is involved. According to my study - which features a lot of graphs and diagrams - Google will become President of the United States in the year 2009. And that's not even an election year.

Broken Arrows [Official Site]

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