Kill Bill will become one long kill-fest

December 27, 2005

kill-bill-mesh.jpgQuentin Tarantino is set to release a merged version of Kill Bill in the theaters, complete with intermission.

"I want to cut the whole movie together like one big epic with an intermission in the middle like a 60s film," explained the iconic director. "It'll be coming out in theatres. I've been holding off because I've been working on it for so long that I just wanted a year off from Kill Bill and then I'll do the big supplementary DVD package" says QT.

As much as I liked the films, I don't think I have the patience or desire to watch them both again in the theater, especially one after the other. Maybe if they replaced one of the halves with softcore porn I could do it, but I don't think my brain could take 4-hours of people getting their heads chopped off.

"Kill Bill" Resurrected In One Cut
[Dark Horizons]

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