#1 Single features Lisa Loeb in a thong

January 31, 2006

lloeb-thong.jpgIn case you haven't been watching Lisa Loeb's reality show, #1 Single, you've been missing stuff like this where she prances around in a thong. I'm not sure what it has to do with her quest to find a boyfriend, but I'm sure the producers wet themselves when she decided to drop her pants. The only premise better than 'a millionaire singer desperate to find a boyfriend' is 'a millionaire singer so desperate to find a boyfriend that she'll drop her pants on national television.'

Maybe in future episodes she'll show off her ability to deep throat a sausage and do the splits. And then in the last episode when she still can't find a boyfriend she'll appear completely naked, offer her body to strangers on the street, and then complain that it's so hard to find a man that'll respect her for her mind.

LSFW clip after the jump.

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