A Taxonomy of Barnacles Optioned

January 24, 2006

taxonomyofbarn.jpgThe novel "A Taxonomy of Barnacles" has been optioned by Revolution Studios. While no director or cast is yet attached, the premise sounds pretty interesting:

The book, by Galt Niederhoffer, tells the story of six sisters who have been raised by their eccentric father, Barry Barnacle in an amazing New York loft filled with scientific curiosities. When most of his daughters reach adulthood, Barnacle starts a competition: whichever of the girls can carry his name in the most spectacular way will get to inherit his fortune.

My dad had a competition like this, but instead of carrying his name in a spectacular way, we just had to carry him home, however we could. Sometimes it was announced, like, "Alright kids, I'm too drunk to walk home, how are you going to get me back?" Other times, it was more spontaneous, like he'd just pass out somewhere, and the people there would tell us we had to get our dad out of there. We eventually realized our dad had a problem and got him some help. We began paying some other guy to carry him home.


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