Andy Garcia Plays With Emotions

January 25, 2006

andygarcia.jpgJieho Lee's crime drama The Air I Breathe has added Andy Garcia to its already (semi)star-heavy lineup. The script is based on an ancient Chinese proverb that divides life into four emotional cornerstones, with each of the protagonists based on one of the emotions:

Happiness (Forest Whitaker), Pleasure (Brendan Fraser), Sorrow (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Love (Kevin Bacon).

I actually like this idea of assigning celebrities emotions they could represent. We should start using it in daily conversation. For instance, saying, "I'm feeling a little Woody Allen today," would mean you're feeling neurotic. If someone said, "I'm in a Russell Crowe mood," it would mean to watch out, since they're a bit aggressive. Or someone might say, "I'm really Tom Arnold," and it would really be Tom Arnold, asking if you have any roles for him.


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